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manifest abundance promote health & wellness
elevate parenting attract your life partner
refine and deepen relationships intensify creativity
improve sleep quality boost brain health
 sharpen clarity & alertness
 expand compassion
energize your life force  Support weight loss & healthy eating
Improve control of cravings & impulses   

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"  From the moment I met with Olivia, I felt a sense of calm and completeness.  She led me through a meditation of health and abundance, and almost immediately I connected with my authentic self.  The visualization she put together was uniquely mine, and has been a powerful tool in my daily meditation.  I am so grateful to have her in my life, guiding ND Navigating me through everyday challenges and celebrations. "

- Jennifer Seifert

"  Meditation with Olivia is less effortful than solo practice. This is always the case when practicing alongside a seeker who has traveled further along the path. Her dedication to the practice is total. Her calm enthusiasm is inspirational."

- Aaron Rajeev Kahn

"  I began listening to Olivia's guided meditation as part of a nightly routine with my 10-year-old daughter who was suffering from debilitating anxiety that kept her awake for hours at bedtime. Since beginning the nightly meditations, my daughter has been falling asleep easily and is completely at peace. Olivia's meditation does a remarkable job of bringing her into the present and quieting all of her worries, allowing her to let them go and relax into sleep. Thank you so much, Olivia, for this truly wonderful meditation. It has been life-changing for us!"

- Kymberly

"  Olivia offers a profound opportunity to experience wellness on multiple levels. She is a rarity. Everyone can benefit from her gifts."

 - Alanna Flanagan Boldt

"  I've never been to a meditation before. I wasn't sure what to expect , but expectations were exceeded. Olivia's voice is so soothing and peaceful to listen to. I never thought I could be carried away and cleanse myself in such a healing way. I am planning on going every Sunday now! Totally addicted. I highly recommend this experience if you have never tried it! Thanks so much Olivia!"

- Kendra Strand

"  My sister moved to California 10 months ago and began meditation shortly after. She told me about her wonderful meditation experiences, but I was extremely skeptical of the process and thought it sounded a little too “hippie” for me. When I went to visit my sister two weeks ago, I attended a meditation class with her and still remained skeptical after the class. I didn’t immediately get “all of the answers” that I hoped for after meditating. So, I decided to try again with Olivia the very next day. From the moment I entered the meditation room, I felt such a warm, welcoming presence from her. I immediately felt like I could let my guard down and meditate in a safe space. Her class that day focused on warmth and energy surrounding the color orange. After just one class with Olivia, I felt like my life changed forever. I knew immediately that I never wanted to return to the days where I wasn’t able to meditate. Before the class, I often felt impatient and angry at people for no reason. Since attending Olivia’s class, I find myself practicing patience, love, and understanding more and more often. Thank you, Olivia, for changing my perspective and my attitude!"

 - Jessica Schwager

"   Olivia is one giant compassionate heart and you are bound to walk away from a session with her much happier than when you arrived."

- Jeanine Orci

"  My first experience with meditation was with Olivia who guided me through the unknown. I will never forget it because she made me feel so safe and comfortable about something that had intimidated and alluded me for so long. It is because of Olivia that I have stayed with the practice and I am grateful to her everyday. The experience with Olivia as your guide begins with the unique sound and tone of her soothing voice, which takes you to another place. On the other side - bliss. Thank you Olivia for taking my mediation virginity!"

 - Holly Shulman

About Olivia

Olivia Rosewood is the author of The Portable Sanctuary, an adventurous spiritual tale about her haphazard and synchronicitous introduction to meditation by Beatle George Harrison while in the Fijian Islands.  She also authored Atlas of Blisses, a living map of her many travels while working with modern mystic, Eckhart Tolle.  She is currently co-authoring The Mystical Castle, an essential guide to Toaist meditation tradition with 38th generation Taoist meditator, Dr.  Mao Shing Ni.  Olivia Rosewood is also a two time Tai Chi gold medalist, most recently medaled in gold at the 2016 International Chinese Martial Arts Championships.  Her spiritual pedigree unparalleled, Olivia Rosewood is honored to be of service as Director of College of Tao, caring for thousands of years of living meditation lineage, as well as Dean of the International Taoist Meditation Institute, overseeing integrity of certification and thriving of peaceful community.  As a spiritual leader, she is ordained to legally officiate rites of passage, including wedding nuptials.

She is passionate about guiding meditation aimed at enhancing one's experience of peace within. Her most profound influence is Eckhart Tolle, with whom she has traveled and worked extensively, although she has meditated with many teachers all over the world.  Always curious about meditation in its many forms, she experienced being a yogic nun in Ahmedabad, India, where she was fortunate enough to teach young children English. They were an essential part of the inspiration for her 7 spiritually inspired children's books, available now on Amazon as well as children's bookstores and museums. 

Olivia has also authored Please Meditate: It's Good for You, an all embracing instructional guide through several beautiful forms of meditation, helping the reader to find their perfect practice. It is supported by this website which gives the reader extra support as meditation methods are explored.

Olivia was the writer for HarperCollins' Happy Yoga by Steve Ross, and she has consulted on and ghost written several best selling self-help books.  Regularly featured in the "Mindful Living" section of the HuffPost, she includes guided meditation vlogs within her blogs, with the aim of raising awareness and skill in blossoming meditators everywhere.  She contributes to the Insight Timer, a free app for meditators everywhere.  She also occasionally live streams meditation on Facebook for the spiritually curious.

Olivia did her undergraduate work at University of Southern California, her graduate work at Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and she earned her Doctorate in 2017 in the field of Divinity.  She is a Taoist Da Jisi & Reiki Shinpiden Master Teacher and Healer, and offers attunement in person and at distance.  Olivia Rosewood enjoyed acting in several movies including Titanic and Almost Famous, films still alive thanks to the miraculous internet. She is a practicing Taoist, yogini, meditator, and mom.  She's going for gold again in the 2018 International Chinese Martial Arts Championships.  

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